Satan’s Raiders MC 

Book One

Inc’s Regret


She was everything, and I lost her. Now I have my chance to get her back, but will it even matter? With time comes pain and I know we’ve all been through enough of it.

I walked out on them— Zane and Octavia that night at the hotel. I forced myself to run from the both of them because of the lies I’ve told. Now I’m being sent to Montana as a regent for the Satan’s Raiders MC, and my club will be getting a Reaper.

It’s supposed to help secure our alliance, to make it stronger. If you ask me the only thing it’ll do is stir up trouble.

Only, when I get there I find out I’m not the only one who’s been keeping secrets.

There’s a little boy named Neo who looks a fuck of a lot like me.

I guess it’s time for us all to fess up to the lies and secrets we’ve kept. I just wonder if we’ll be able to move past it in the end, or if they’ll tear us apart even more.

This book is MMF. It is HIGHLY recommended not to read this book as a standalone, given the characters have interacted in previous books within Elizabeth Knox’s world. If you’re determined to start the Satan’s Raiders MC, please read Zane before beginning this book.

Book Two

Op’s Obsession

Coming Soon!