Skulls Renegade MC

Book One

Everything about her was perfect, everything except her job…

There’s nothing that shouldn’t have ruined us. She works for the FBI and I’m the Prez of the Skulls Renegade MC.

Her job was to take us down…to ruin everything I’ve worked so hard to achieve.

She came into my life as a lie, and has stayed here as what exactly?

I know that I can’t let her go…but how can I trust her now?

How am I supposed to trust anything she says?


Book Two

Everyone deserves a second chance…everyone but Kyle.

I sat back and watched as his abandonment destroyed her bit by bit, and I was the one here picking up all of the broken pieces, mending her back together.

He’s come back for his chance at redemption but I refuse to allow him close enough to her to get it.

I know she loathes him for everything that he’s done, but we all know he’s trying to make amends.

He wants her back, and he won’t get her.

I’ll make damn sure of it.


Book Three

She deceived all of us, but I still crave for her to be mine.

Every waking moment that I’ve been part of the Skulls Renegade MC I could tell she was holding back something. What I didn’t realize is how much she was.

Jenna isn’t the woman that any of us thought her to be.

She’s a completely fabricated lie. I shouldn’t want her because of the deception she brought upon us. Her and I are both so similar, two people who have been through the darkest life has had to offer.

But our pasts didn’t break us, they fueled us.

Now I know her secrets, and I don’t know what I’ll do with them.


Book Four

Innocence has never been so sweet, and I want a bite of the damn apple.

My Prez sent me to be part of a security detail on Bellamy Mason, his wife’s little half-sister. I’ll admit, I wasn’t exactly liking the idea at first.

I felt like I was being sent on a fools errand. There were much more important things I could’ve been doing back at the club.

Joke was on me, cause little by little she weaseled herself into my pants, and then my heart.

Turns out Bellamy isn’t so innocent after all.

We can’t keep it a secret forever…or can we?


Book Five

Misery loves company…and I prefer to dance with the devil.

I wasn’t supposed to want her, and yet here I am. She’s the queen of hell and most people hate her, but that’s because they don’t know her.

Katya is special, a broken gem who has been through so much and yet stands up like she’s endured nothing.

I’m risking everything by being with her, but what happens when she’s worth losing everything over?


Book Six

She’s always belonged to me, even when she wasn’t with me.

We didn’t work well in past, but that doesn’t mean we can’t work well now.

She understands every broken part of me, moreso then my own flesh and blood.

I didn’t do a good job being her man when we were kids and now’s the time to make up for that.

Even as everything is going to shit around us, I’m determined to show her that we were always meant to be.


Book Seven

I’m falling for the girl my brother loves, and now he’s making her choose. Him or me.

Everything in this world should tell me to steer clear of Maria, but I can’t help the need to wrap her up in my arms and protect her.

The monsters of her past are catching up with her, trying to tear her from us.

I had expected needing to protect her from Rafael, the sinister leader of the Mexican Cartel.

The only person I didn’t expect to hurt her was my brother, Chaos.

What he doesn’t understand is that if he loses her, we both lose her.


Book Eight

I regret all of it, every damn thing I said to her.

Now I might not have the chance to tell her everything. I may never get a chance to apologize to her.

To tell her how my worst fear is losing her and that I’m afraid I may have pushed her to do that. I was on my way to Bubba’s that night and found her car on the side of the road. Rafael has her, and I’ll do everything I can to get her back.

I will slaughter anything in my past, because I won’t live with any regret.


Book Nine


When I was on the inside I found my faith again. I only found my faith because it helped lessened my sentence and let’s be real – no one wants to be in the slammer.

My priest told me that an angel would come to me, that she would help guide me through many trials and tribulations.

Imagine my surprise when a woman named Angel comes barreling into my life.

She’s not perfect, but neither am I.

When our pasts come back to haunt us both, I know that there’s only one way we’re going to make it through – together.


Book Ten


After everything that’s happened to us all over the years – I’m over it. I’m done with the fact that this motherfucker gets to walk free and breathe the same air that we do, every single day.

He’s murdered innocents, raped one of our own and has betrayed us in the worst ways possible. Of course, that’s only the things we know about.

We’re going to get retribution – and if not, I’ll die trying.


Boxed Set

Skulls Renegade MC: First Generation is a boxset filled with ten full length novels and a bonus content piece that concludes the Skulls Renegade MC series.

A woman on a mission to take down a big, bad biker club gets more than she bargains for.

He’s loved her for years after her heart was broken by another. Now it’s their chance to see how things go.

Even in the dark, some find the light. A quest for revenge brings some people together and tears others apart.

A biker is sent to be security for an up and coming pop artist. Absolutely nothing could go wrong . . . until it does.

Two misunderstood monsters find love in one another’s arms.

. . . the bonus content piece that you’ve been waiting for. What happens when the Romanian Clans meets the outcasts?

They tried it once and failed, but the years have passed and hearts have been molded. Will these two have their happily ever after?

Two brothers and one woman. They’re each what she needs, but will one make her question everything?

Chaos refuses to live with regret, so he’ll do everything he can to make sure it works.

Claiming a woman he’s never met before, he’s sure to find out what the true meaning of love is.

He’s loved her from afar, but now it’s time for their romance to fully blossom.