Liz Knox

Fated by Blood

Rhea isn’t just a Demigod, no, she’s much more— the daughter of Hades and a descendant of Dracula.

The gods have never mated for love, and Rhea has always known that she was born for political gain and nothing more. That didn’t make growing up in Hell any easier, but she made do with the life she was given.

But when the Fates prophesies that she will have multiple lovers, and that she and her offspring will bring the Apocalypse, everything she’s even known and the future of mortals and gods alike hangs in the balance.

Claimed by Pride

I’m trapped by a curse, cast by Lucifer himself. Although, I’m not the only one. My half-brothers are subjected to the same torment. We don’t know the reasoning, yet Lucifer ensured each of us is plagued with one of the seven deadly sins.
We’ve all accepted our fates, and while we work to figure out a way to free ourselves of this mental prison we try to do the one thing we can do— live our lives.
I live in a remote part of Russia, on the side of the Dykh-Tau Mountain, away from those who wouldn’t be able to understand us. While my home is private, it also grants me access to the border of Eastern Europe.
You see, I’m a kill-for-hire assassin. I don’t care who you want dead, all I want is to make sure I’m being paid the right price.
None of it mattered until a certain little thief became my target. Now, I’m only left wondering how I’ll finish this job, or if I’ll finish it.

Caym’s Fated Mate


Prisoners. That’s all we’ve ever known in life, until the portal opened and we were finally able to escape Hell.

As Lycans we’ve always been adaptable, some of the smartest supernatural creatures there is. When we walked through that portal we found ourselves in a quaint town in Canada.

We came across a biker club in the middle of the woods, along the main road and walked inside. This could be our way to integrate into this community. We were certain of it.

Only, we didn’t anticipate for there to be other Lycans around, or a pair of sassy witches who couldn’t help but get under our skin. With these two sets of supernaturals, chaos begins to fall from around them. Specifically the witches. Their kind has always been trouble. I suppose they can’t help it.

Both of these witches are captivating. Tetra with her fiery red hair and fierce spirit, and then her twin sister, Jadis. I feel a pull towards them, almost like I have to help them sort out their issues. My pack and I will do anything to ensure Lucifer doesn’t track us down, even if it means helping solve problems that aren’t necessarily ours to deal with. Only, in helping solve them . . . I begin to realize something bigger is at play.

Being on Earth never meant we’d do it the good way. Bloodshed follows us wherever we go and by the end of this . . . many lives will be lost.

Bitten Magic

My life has been nothing but a lie.


When I was bitten, I was thrown into a supernatural world I knew nothing about. Stuck in the moment with nowhere left to go, I followed my instincts and chose to trust a complete stranger. It brought me to Bloodborn Academy: an elite university that was designed specifically for lycans.

However, I learn very quickly that werewolves and lycans alike are being hunted. So, the school opened their doors to the werewolves as well, hopeful to keep both species safe.
Now that I’m within the walls of Bloodborn Academy, I’m discovering things at every corner. Secrets will be revealed. Hidden agendas will be exposed.

Nothing is like I thought it would be.

On top of it all, I have an unnatural pull toward the queen bee herself—Roxana Grim. She’s the highest of the lycan bloodlines and hates my guts.

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