Iron Vex MC: New York

Book One



My entire life I’ve gotten into my fair share of trouble. It started when I was young and progressively has gotten worse over the years. But for the first time ever I’ve found myself in a compromising position — backed into a corner.

Forced to run to the one person on this planet who doesn’t view me as a callous creature, I go to the only blood I have left. My daughter, Boss, the Prez of the Iron Vex MC.

There’s no chance to save my soul, but I will save my club by doing the only thing I can. The Demons of Hell will be no more. It’s time for a new era. I can only hope they find safety in the Iron Vex MC.

Book Two

Bossed Up


I’m not a good woman. I’m a lot of things, but that certainly isn’t one of them. I’m as flawed as they come, the daughter of someone who was a good woman, and a monster who sought redemption before he died.

My entire family is dead besides my half-brother, Joker, but that’s another story. Now I’m starting a family of my own with my baby girl, a blessing that came to me at the right time. Destiny’s my angel from above.

I’m the Prez of the Iron Vex MC and we have many wars. Our biggest one with cultists who are determined to continue targeting women, but it isn’t the only war headed my way. Rumor has it, Stoney figured out Destiny is his, and he wants my head on a platter. I won’t let him take her from me, not when I’ve lost so much.

After my father, the infamous Rage died . . . I realized something. Family comes above all else.

Stoney and I hate-fucked, we could never work as a couple. I realized that during my pregnancy when I debated on telling him about her, thought about the what ifs. He’d only do one thing— attempt to take my daughter from me.

We’re allies with the Devils Riot MC, but the drama coming our way threatens everything we’ve built together. And in my most terrifying moment, the man I’ve tried to stay away from comes to back me up. The one I’ve adored from afar, fearful of starting something concrete with. There’s a problem.

He’s a Prez for one of my Canadian charters, and I don’t see either of us giving our role up.

I’m only left wondering this: How far will we go to protect the ones we care about?

Book Three

Vex’s Temptation


Life has been cruel to me over the last five years. Things happened back home which resulted in me deciding to move across the pond. Where do I call home? Queens, New York. I’m prospecting for the Iron Vex MC after meeting Iris at a pottery class I was taking at the local college. We quickly became friends, and one thing led to another.

Now I’m a super bad bitch, or at least that’s what I think.

I’m not from this life, but after everything with my family went south I decided I needed a change. I needed to live for my own happiness, not theirs. Coming out meant losing them forever, but I couldn’t hide who I was anymore. At least the club will accept me for who I am.

So much has changed from my confidence, to even the color of my hair. I’ve become accustom to change, though. So, it wasn’t a big deal when Boss asked me to be the regent for the Iron Vex MC. Yet again, everything is changing. I had no problem getting down to Franklin. It was my job to be in Horse’s club, so I’d be there.

Little did I know a ghost from my past would be walking through his front door.


I knew there was going to be someone coming down from New York to be the regent for the Iron Vex MC. It seems a bit historical to me, using the word and whatever, but here I am. One of our own is supposed to be going up to New York as we speak. An even trade off, ensuring our alliance is smooth sailing.

I didn’t expect much from one of them showing up. To be honest, I don’t know what I expected but it certainly wasn’t seeing Ainslee again.

Now here we are . . . and I wonder if this is our chance to see what we could’ve been all those years ago. From her appearance so much about her has changed, but selfishly I hope her heart hasn’t.

Book Four

Venom’s Secret


I’ve hidden so much from him and I don’t know if he’ll be able to forgive me.

I’ve been with the Iron Vex MC for ten years now, running away from the horrors I experienced in Kansas. They were my saving grace, the way I’ve been able to become a strong, confident woman. Not only all of that, but they’re my family.

I got drunk with a couple of the girls and let it slip out I have a crush on Ricochet, who happens to be our Sgt. at Arms, and my best friend.

They coax me to see where it goes, to finally say something to him, and the cat jumps out of the bag. Only, when it does, he’ll end up finding out my crush on him isn’t the only secret I’ve been keeping.

No, the secret I have . . . it could end up destroying all the trust the club has ever put in me.

I don’t know if I’ll make it through this but I sure hope I will.

Book Five

Omen’s Sign

I’ve never believed in fate, until her.


I met her on a whim, paid a hell of a lot just to get access to the second floor in Night’s Bliss. I came down for work with the club, but I got more than I bargained for. Instead, I met a kinky brat. A woman I haven’t been able to get out of my mind, no matter who I’ve had under me.


The woman is a physical piece of art. Tattoos marking almost every inch of her body. Every tattoo with a meaning, and when she explained them to me her eyes lit up with excitement, but I didn’t miss what was underneath the ink.


In the forms of charred flesh, deep impacts, and much more.

Whatever she’s survived, it was damning.

It’s been months and I still haven’t thought about another. Luckily for me, I have a reason to go down to Virginia and check in again. I know the woman’s been through the darkness, but it’s something I know all too well.

Book Six

Nikki’s Nemesis

I should kill them for what they’ve done.


Ten years ago, she and her friend vanished into thin air. Today, I found them both holed up in a biker club tucked away in Queens, New York. She’s responsible for so much of my family’s pain. I know these girls as Nicole and Tatiana, but now they go by different names—Nikki and Gemini.

They’re the reason my sister’s dead. They were the last people to see her alive, and I haven’t forgotten their faces. I made a vow the day of Lea’s funeral to get justice, to kill the people who were responsible for her death.

I fully intended to follow through with my promise, but I never anticipated I’d only have part of the story. There’s much more I didn’t know about. I thought Nikki and Gemini were responsible for Lea’s death, but it turns out they’re all victims. Now my plan has changed. Whoever’s responsible will pay by my hand, and I’ll make sure they suffer three times as much.