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Nikki’s Nemesis

I should kill them for what they’ve done.


Ten years ago, she and her friend vanished into thin air. Today, I found them both holed up in a biker club tucked away in Queens, New York. She’s responsible for so much of my family’s pain. I know these girls as Nicole and Tatiana, but now they go by different names—Nikki and Gemini.

They’re the reason my sister’s dead. They were the last people to see her alive, and I haven’t forgotten their faces. I made a vow the day of Lea’s funeral to get justice, to kill the people who were responsible for her death.

I fully intended to follow through with my promise, but I never anticipated I’d only have part of the story. There’s much more I didn’t know about. I thought Nikki and Gemini were responsible for Lea’s death, but it turns out they’re all victims. Now my plan has changed. Whoever’s responsible will pay by my hand, and I’ll make sure they suffer three times as much.

Santa’s Naughty Helpers

Santa’s Naughty Helpers are back for a second year. This second edition is filled with some old faces and some new ones.

Wrap up your presents neatly under the tree, because the naughty helpers are going on vacation this year.

That’s right, all of our stories will be taking place in resorts or on vacation. After all, you never know if you might meet in a foreign place, or if you might come in contact with the one who got away, your best friend’s sibling, or maybe even your overbearing boss.

Santa’s Naughty Helpers: Second Edition includes stories from: Elle Knox & J.H. Wolfe, E.C. Land, K. Draper, Heather Young-Nichols, Rae B. Lake, Jen Talty, Jewelz Baxter, Liberty Parker, Emily Sharp, Cedar Rose, and Zara Teleg.

***Elizabeth Knox is writing under her steamy contemporary pen name, Elle Knox.


I only cared about three things: myself, my club, and my family . . . until she came in the picture.


The Raiders of Valhalla MC have been part of my life for as long as I could remember. Lately, there’s been some heavy stuff happening at the club. A spa burned down, we saved kids from a horrible situation, and one of my brother’s was recently shot. Still, we thrive and persevere with every step.

I thought after everything I’d finally have a break. Looking back now, I should’ve known better. Something tragic happened to my family, and now I’m the sole caregiver to my 3 year old niece, Everly. I thought being her guardian would be the last shake up in my life, but I was wrong.

I met a woman who had a beautiful name, but every time she took a breath fire practically came out of her nostrils. She was gorgeous, confident, and didn’t take crap from anybody. It’s how I knew she’d end up being mine, but just like always sh*t hit the fan.