Steele Bros.

Book One

Tough as Steele

First Rule: Don’t sleep with the man who’s invested in your company.

I broke it before I even knew who he was, but either way I know that he would have gotten under my skin.

What’s not to love about Logan? He’s handsome, a hundred percent alpha, and is resilient in his business. Everything about him is sexy.

I don’t know what this is, or what it will become but I fear the day that my secrets catch up with me. Will we even last when he finds out everything about me?

I’m not the woman I appear to be.

Book Two

Stripping a Steele

She told me she didn’t want me, but one way or another I’ll have her.

I’m not the kind of man you say no to.

When I want something, I get it.

I’m a Steele, and I always get what I want.

Selena may think she doesn’t want me, but she will.

Our game of cat and mouse was all fun and games until the night someone decided to hurt her.

Now I’ll make sure the bastard pays with everything he has – and I’ll make sure she knows that I’ll never let another close enough to harm her again.

I’ll do everything in my power to protect her.

Book Three

Protecting a Steele


Christian asked something of me that I’ve never done before — to lie to his brothers. In the grand scheme of things, he asked much more than that. The first was to deceive both Jordan and Logan, but the next was something I never expected.

He wanted me to protect his little sister.

Madigan is the hidden love child who’s been their father’s best kept secret all these years, even from his own sons. Except Christian had known about her existence for years and during the aftermath of keeping an explosive secret from his brothers, we’re all preparing for the terror that is headed our way.

Of course Madigan couldn’t have been just a normal woman. She brought a shit ton of baggage with her along the way.

Book Four

Steele Her Heart


Lacey was the one person I could never have. She was off limits in every sense of the word. I went to my families lake house and found her in the guest house. Little did I know she asked my father if she could spend her last free summer in the one place she adored.

That summer the devil tempted me, putting forbidden fruit right in front of my very eyes. I did such a good job at keeping my distance until the night of her eighteenth birthday. She was officially a woman and there wasn’t another reason to keep my desires at bay.

That was years ago.

I’ve watched her graduate from college, gain an internship at Steele Enterprises and blossom into a sinfully, divine business-oriented siren.

What we did that summer could’ve turned into something more. Now that I’ve seen everyone else in my family find their own happiness I can’t help but wonder what if? I’m just uncertain if Lacey will accept me for my darker tastes. It has been years after all, and with time comes new desires.

Boxed Set

Stolen Hearts

The Steele Brothers are some of the most dangerous men on the planet. They wake every day to make calculated decisions in their business, but what the public doesn’t know is what they really do—they’re gunrunners.
This entire collection follows them on their ventures to find love. Although, nothing in life ever comes easy.
But these men are up for the challenge, even if the road may be a bit difficult.