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ZaneZane (Reapers MC #11) : May 29th

I’m supposed to marry a woman I’ve never met, make her my ‘ol lady and all that. This deal was struck when I was a kid playing with toy trucks in my front yard. Hell, Octavia wasn’t even born yet.

Everything changed when the Raiders MC started getting picked off one by one. Her sisters were all murdered, including the woman I was supposed to marry. Now Octavia, is the only one left and she’s not exactly keen on uprooting her life and moving to Montana.

Either way, we don’t have the option to throw in the towel and say fuck it. I’m just gonna have to make the best of it, even if she fights me every step of the way.

Call My Bluff Anthology: June 6th

Call My BluffEverything is more intense in the city of sin.

In the Call My Bluff anthology you’ll meet a wide array of characters from conwomen, motorcycle club members, high rollers and many more.

Haven’t you ever had the desire to live on the edge?
Have you ever craved a bit of action?
Have you ever wanted your deep forbidden desires to become your reality?

Well, the good news is this is the anthology for you. Call My Bluff has a series of stories from Elizabeth Knox, Flora Burgos, Addison Jane, Sam St. James, KE Osborn, Barbara Nolan, Evan Grace, Courtney Lynn Rose, J. Lynn Lombard, Kathryn Kelly, Rae B. Lake, & H.J. Marshall.

Amara (Reapers MC #12): June 29th


He took me.
Kept me as his own– his plaything, his woman to toy with and torture whenever he felt like it.
I’ve been trapped within these four walls for over a year. The slowest most agonizing year of my life.
I begged for him to kill me, yet he wouldn’t. You know why? Because he had too much fun with me. That’s what he said. It’s what he always said– how much he enjoyed it all.
There came a point when I thought it would never end . . . but it did.

My cousin Eduardo pulled her from the clutches of a monster. I don’t call him that lightly. In our business we’ve seen many who are animals in suits. However, this man . . . he is among the most vile.
I knew the moment she walked through my father’s estate how she fancied my cousin. He even mentioned to me how she flirted with him a couple times before she was taken.
I knew the woman had been through hell, and yet I didn’t care.
I saw the spark in her eye when she looked at my cousin, and I hated him for it.
A mere glance, and I craved her more than any drug.
She doesn’t know it, but she will be mine.

Rely on Me (Royal Bastards MC: Baltimore #2) – July 28th

Cover & blurb coming soon!