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Title: Scarred

Series: Demons of Hell MC #1

Release Date: July 28th, 2018


I had it all, or at least I did according to everyone else.
I had the club, I had the most powerful husband, the Prez of the Demons of Hell MC.
I had a family.
He’d told me time and time again the club was my “family”.
My “family” let a lot of things happen to me that shouldn’t of.
My “family” did a great job of turning a blind eye.
My “family” was great at letting me be the punching bag for their mistakes. For all of his pent up anger and frustrations.
My “family” was the reason I almost died.
When Rage came into my life I saw nothing else.
His name was a warning and I didn’t listen.

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Title: Darkness (Co-writing with Brynn Burke)

Series: Darkest Nightmares #1

Release Date: To Be Determined



For generations, I have been the being who lurks in the dark. The one that feeds on the screams of pain and fear, cold sweats and the nightmares in which I cause. I am the monster you warned your children about.

No one can escape my clutches, no matter how hard they try; I show them who they truly are deep down.

Centuries ago, I was possessed by a creature of whom I had no name for. I was nothing but your average human, a man who was fighting for his king and slaying many monsters in his name. The next thing I knew, I became that monstrosity that I tried to eliminate every day of my life. In the matter of hours, everything had changed drastically. I was used to fighting the dark and suddenly the dark became part of me.

There is no reasoning for what I have become. I embrace it – embrace the hideousness of my appearance because no one is as grotesque as I.

I am bitter. I don’t want to be the man who surrounds myself in a cloak of shadows, of serpents and arachnids, of smoke and ghouls. I want to return to the glory days. If only it was that simple.


Throughout my entire life I have felt out of place, that is until one day I discovered a place where I didn’t feel like the outcast that others made me out to be. I didn’t feel ugly, sinister, or even dark compared to those who I surrounded myself with.

I was a human, or so I thought.

I didn’t know that only supernaturals could gain entry into Sanctuary, not until I walked through those doors and began speaking to the others. It’s name is exactly what it is – a Sanctuary for all supernaturals and paranormals regardless of beliefs. It was the one place we could all go to that wouldn’t result in bloodshed, agony or pain.

I have been here for years, becoming friends with the owner of this place and ultimately landing myself a job as a barmaid and having a warm place to rest my head. Still, I do not know what I am. I have talked to the others and they have told me stories of paranormals with great powers who have to wait to discover their abilities.

It seems I am one of these rare and far between. I only wish that things were simple, but I know better. Nothing was ever simple in this life.

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Against All Odds (Co-Writing with Erin Trejo)

Release Date: TBD

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Switched (Co-Writing with Linny Lawless)

Release Date: TBD

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Title: Here Kitty, Kitty

Series: Reapers MC #2 / Demons of Hell MC #2

Release Date: October 7th, 2018

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Title: Reclaimed

Series: Skulls Renegade MC #6

Release Date: To Be Determined

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