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Flawed (The Clans #12) – July 24th 


I’m old enough to be her father, but it doesn’t matter — she’ll be mine.

Melody is the newest member of The Clans charity program. She’s supposed to be my voice for certain issues I don’t feel comfortable speaking about. After all, she’s been doing this for years. Being a spokesperson is somewhat new to me, so I don’t mind having a professional alongside me.

She doesn’t know anything about what we really do, and keeping it all a secret is becoming more difficult every day. She’s constantly around me, always listening, always needing to bring an idea to me. Typically in a shirt that hugs her tits a little too tight and her ass just to my liking.

Melody doesn’t know I’m lying about who I am, or rather, what I am.

She thinks I’m an angel. In all actuality, I’m the exact opposite. She doesn’t know it yet, but she will. Whether it be by my real job, or by my presence in the bedroom.

Grim (Reapers MC #13) – July 25th


I screwed up, and boy did I screw up in a big way. I always tell people not to go for a ride when they’re pissed. Combine the anger with the slick roads and heavy rain. That’s what landed me in the hospital. Though, I was lucky. They told me the only thing I’d need to do is go for a few weeks of physical therapy and adjustments with a chiropractor.

That’s where I met Natalie Benet.

She was the friendly face in the front. The one who chats with all the patients, gets to know them, and makes them feel as comfortable as they can even in their most painful moments. While her encouraging words pissed me off at first, I learned to appreciate her support.

She was just a woman who showed me kindness. Maybe even more than I deserved. I was out with Axel one night at a bar in town and heard this asshole chatting with his buddies, talking about his bitch of a wife. It didn’t take me long until he said her name along with a few other details that confirmed it was the Natalie I see every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

He joked about beating her up like a rat dog again. He laughed with his buddies about turning her face black and blue to the point she wouldn’t be able to work for a week.

One thing’s for certain– he’ll scream for mercy when I tear every tooth out of his fuckin’ mouth for layin’ a hand on her.

Rely on Me (Royal Bastards MC: Baltimore #2) – July 28th

MammothRely on me complete-ebook (1)

I swore an oath; to protect not only the club, but the woman in charge. She never knew the way I felt about her, not that I had a chance.

After Dog was killed she moved on with the fresh blood in the club.

I hated it, but I had to accept it. After all, when Gamble made up her mind there wasn’t anyone who’d make her think otherwise.

A bit of time has come and gone and we’re facing bigger threats than we ever did before. We knew of some enemies and now more are coming out of the woodwork. A few are trying to have Baltimore be where they build their empires. They’re simple turf wars, shit we can handle.

But one enemy is someone we weren’t expecting. They knew a secret we kept hidden very well, the paternity of Gamble’s daughter.

There are rules in this life, and you just don’t cross some. Well, our enemies didn’t care. They crossed it, and now the youngest person in our charter might not make it through.

They were supposed to rely on me. How can they do that now?

The better question is — how will anyone ever be able to again?