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Chaz (Reapers MC #14): August 29th


Ever since my hands were shattered, I’ve felt like a ghost of the man I once was. Lucien may have broken my bones, but in all reality he damaged much more than my body. He crushed my spirit.

I was lucky enough to have Sakura and Cheyenne by my side when I went through my reconstruction surgeries, but now Cheyenne has left to go up to Montana and Sakura is focused on trying to have a baby with Mouser. Over that time I was able to forge friendships with both of these ladies.

Now that my hands are as good as they’re going to get, I suppose it’s time I get back in action. Damon told me he wanted me to help this chick out with a project she’s working on. She’s one of Rebel’s friends, even works with her at Crave, LLC. Damon doesn’t tell me anything about this project, but imagine my surprise when I found out she’s writing a romance novel about a biker club and Damon told her she could shadow me for three months to conduct her research.

I’d probably hate it if she wasn’t the most gorgeous Romanian woman I’ve ever seen.

Crina came here for research, but she’ll be getting much more than she bargained for.

Demise (The Clans #13) with Iris Sweetwater: September 25th 


DemiseI’m the princess of the Romanian Clans, the woman who will one day inherit it all. The amount of pressure on my shoulders is terrifying. There was a time when I used to care about it all. It was when I was supposed to be the perfect daughter and friend.

There came a time when I realized my parents would love me no matter what. It never meant they agreed with my choices, but alas, their love would always be here for me.

I’m not your typical mafia princess– I have tattoos, piercings, and my hair has been every color of the rainbow. I wear ripped denim jeans with fishnets underneath and tight band t-shirts. There’s nothing normal about me.

My fate is inevitable, one day I will inherit the Clans.

My father has been trying to push a Romanian man on me for years, but I’ve never been keen on the idea –until now. The moment fresh blood flows through this dry desert.

Now I only wonder if he’ll be my demise. But, I think I already know the answer.

Frost (Reapers MC #15): September 29th


I’m doing something I’d never thought I would. Something I swore I wouldn’t do when Elena went off and married Reed. But, as the years went by I saw the unity within the biker lifestyle and I began to crave it. Now I’m in my late-thirties and all I have to show is scars on my body, battle wounds and marks that will forever scar my skin after being on the field for the bureau.

Is it wrong I want more than that? I asked myself this question for years, and not long ago I made the decision to quit my job, abandoning every benefit and decided to live for myself. For so long I had thought my work would give me purpose, but that wasn’t the case. It turned out I was much like every other woman. I only wanted to belong somewhere.

It turns out where I belong is with the Reapers MC. I’ve been here for a bit now and we’re finally starting to see some fresh blood into the charter other than myself.

A woman by the name of Cheyenne transferred to our charter. She’d been providing medical care down in Las Vegas with Sakura to the club and patients in their clinic. No one here knows my preferences, but I haven’t been able to keep my eyes off her.

I wasn’t always a lesbian, but somewhere in my early-thirties I realized who it was I really loved– women.

The moment Cheyenne’s family hears she’s with us, they lose their shit . . . and in doing so, they ignite a war with the Reapers. They used to be our allies, but now they’re public enemy number one. Above anything else, we’ll always protect our own.

Claimed by Pride (Seven Deadly Sins #1): October 2nd


EBook Small
I’m trapped by a curse, cast by Lucifer himself. Although, I’m not the only one. My half-brothers are subjected to the same torment. We don’t know the reasoning, yet Lucifer ensured each of us is plagued with one of the seven deadly sins.
We’ve all accepted our fates, and while we work to figure out a way to free ourselves of this mental prison we try to do the one thing we can do— live our lives.
I live in a remote part of Russia, on the side of the Dykh-Tau Mountain, away from those who wouldn’t be able to understand us. While my home is private, it also grants me access to the border of Eastern Europe.
You see, I’m a kill-for-hire assassin. I don’t care who you want dead, all I want is to make sure I’m being paid the right price.
None of it mattered until a certain little thief became my target. Now, I’m only left wondering how I’ll finish this job, or if I’ll finish it.

Corrupted Love (Mackenzies #2): October 10th 

Corrupted Love


My sister and I have been hidden gems, an ocean away from our father and half-brother since we were a few days old. I’ve never even met either of the Mackenzie men, but as sad as it is, it’s our life. Sloane and I learned to accept it even though it wasn’t the easiest growing up.

The two of us have stood side-by-side our entire lives. Now that our careers are starting to take off and we’re hitting our mid-twenties . . . I can’t live the way I have been for the last twenty-five years.

I need a change.

I need to be a real Mackenzie, not just a woman with the same last name.

While Sloane might not understand, I won’t let anything stand in my way — even if she is my twin sister.


I’ve never been fond of the way my father has done business, but I’ve had to stand by and watch because of my position. You see, he’s the leader of the Russian Bratva and soon it will be mine.

On one condition: only if his longest standing enemy is hurt in the most tremendous of ways.

My father wants me to kill Greer Mackenzie.

It may not seem like a difficult task, but my father has never been the type to make things easy. First, he wants me to fall in love with the girl. All because I chose my step-mother over him when I was a child.

If I don’t do as he asks, he’ll give the throne to someone as corrupt as he is. I swore I’d never let it happen, and I refuse to throw in the towel now. I’ll do whatever it takes to end his reign, even if means killing an innocent woman. Ending one life could save millions.

Bossed Up (Iron Vex MC #2): October 30th 


Bossed Up
I’m not a good woman. I’m a lot of things, but that certainly isn’t one of them. I’m as flawed as they come, the daughter of someone who was a good woman, and a monster who sought redemption before he died.
My entire family is dead besides my half-brother, Joker, but that’s another story. Now I’m starting a family of my own with my baby girl, a blessing that came to me at the right time. Destiny’s my angel from above.
I’m the Prez of the Iron Vex MC and we have many wars. Our biggest one with cultists who are determined to continue targeting women, but it isn’t the only war headed my way. Rumor has it, Stoney figured out Destiny is his, and he wants my head on a platter. I won’t let him take her from me, not when I’ve lost so much.
After my father, the infamous Rage died . . . I realized something. Family comes above all else.
Stoney and I hate-fucked, we could never work as a couple. I realized that during my pregnancy when I debated on telling him about her, thought about the what ifs. He’d only do one thing— attempt to take my daughter from me.
We’re allies with the Devils Riot MC, but the drama coming our way threatens everything we’ve built together. And in my most terrifying moment, the man I’ve tried to stay away from comes to back me up. The one I’ve adored from afar, fearful of starting something concrete with. There’s a problem.
He’s a Prez for one of my Canadian charters, and I don’t see either of us giving our role up.
I’m only left wondering this: How far will we go to protect the ones we care about?

Bitten Magic (Bloodshed Academy #1) with Jen L. Grey: November 12th

BM Ebook

When you’re invited into the Blood Moon Society, there’s no turning back.

When Zev got bitten under a full moon, he was thrust into a supernatural world he knew nothing about. Add on an invitation to Blood Moon and a girl that pulled at him in ways like never before, his world didn’t make sense any longer.

Roxanna was part of the oldest and most pure shifter family and struggled with all the expectations that came with it. When she didn’t receive the invitation to the secret society and Zev did, her future didn’t seem so set any longer. The fact that a werewolf, an abomination to the purebreeds, got invited and not her made her question everything. It didn’t help that she felt something for him that should be impossible.

Together they may make a mess of everything or be forced to change the rules. Only time will tell.

Zorro (Reapers MC #16): November 27th 

Blurb coming soon!

Sin (Knight and the Flames #1): November 30th

cover (6)

Sin is Book #1 in the Knight and the Flames series by Beth Sweetlake, a co-written name by established authors, Elizabeth Knox, Iris Sweetwater and Rae B. Lake. Please Note: Sin is very different from their typical work. Under Beth Sweetlake, these three women write dark fantasy romance.

I was a feared and loved white knight until the day I fell from grace…
I came to the realm of the Unseelie Court to complete my duty and slay the corrupt king, but once I saw her, my mission changed.
I had to have her.
Locked in a cage of magical making, she was the epitome of chaos and destruction. Everything that I was supposed to be against.
But my heart, my soul, and my body crave her.
But my craving could turn my white wings black and complicate a war that has been raging for centuries.
Is she worth more death?
I don’t know if I care anymore.