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Blood & Torment


I was warned not to touch her, but I couldn’t help myself.

Trista came to work for Pins and Needles months ago. After we fired the receptionist, she seemed like a perfect fit. My boss and best friend, Kronid, warned me to stay away. Warned me that Trista is off limits and to go after any other woman I want in Moscow.

The problem? I want her.

I want her so much that I leave subtle hints to Kronid’s pregnant girlfriend, Dema, who’s also best friends with Trista. After a period of time Dema sets me up on a blind date with her, just as I wanted. Kronid warned me to stay away, but his precious woman playing matchmaker is something he can’t deny.

I think everything’s going great until I watch the way Trista trembles when she gets too close to me, or any man for that matter. I see the signs. I know what’s happened in her past, and I’ll do anything to keep her safe. She just doesn’t know it yet.

Wait on Me


I’ve never been the type of man who begs. While I can say for certain I’ve been the type to grovel . . . I wouldn’t get on my knees for any woman–except her. 

The one who made me forget about all the darkness in the world.

The same one who said no when I asked her the most important question of my life. 

She’s the one who got away, and now she’s the one in danger. I shouldn’t give a damn about Marisole . . . but I can’t stop myself from running to her rescue.

She got mixed up with the wrong people and they happen to be our number one threat. The Beasts of Brutality MC.  

Even now, I’ve never stopped loving her, and I never will. I might not be sure of lots of things in this life, but I’m damn certain I’ll be the one pulling her from their evil clutches.

Sydney’s Battle


I’m in love with a criminal, which shouldn’t be a problem, the only issue is he’s an enemy of my father’s club.

An enemy he’s held captive for ages, and I managed to fall in love with him.

I was warned not to talk to him, but I couldn’t help it. Since I was a child my mother always instilled the fact there is good in everyone, even those we don’t believe have any.

Now I’m here, stuck in the middle of the road, wanting to be with the man I love and betraying those who would give their lives for me.

I have quite the battle on my hands, but I have to convince them he’s not all bad.