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One drunken night. One drunken slip up. It’s all it took before I started lookin’ at her in a completely different way.

She was in love with my brother before he met his ol’ lady and now here I am, unable to keep my damn eyes off her.  

Rosa’s one of the Vixens. She’s been around for a couple years now, but I’d be lyin’ if I said I knew a lot about her. She’s always been secretive, keepin’ her past to herself. While the Vixens are mostly made up of women who’ve been abused and are hopeful to find new lives, somethin’ in my gut is tellin’ me her story isn’t the same.

We’ve got enough shit goin’ on with the club that I shouldn’t be focusin’ on a woman right now, but fuck if I’m gonna let someone take what’s bound to be mine. Especially with these damn prospects who keep glancin’ in her direction.

But the night she goes out with the girls bar hopping and comes back hours earlier than the rest, I know her past has come to haunt her. The question is: will she tell me and let me help her, or is she going to keep trying to handle this on her own? 
Regardless, I won’t let her drown in her own misery.

Filthy Valentine

She’s been off limits, but now I’ll have her.

Scarlett Allen has been in my life for longer than I can remember. You see, she’s my little sister’s best friend. With an eight-year age gap between us, I went off to college and started my career while she was still learning what she wanted to do in life. I’d check in with my little sister, Cameron, every few weeks and occasionally ask about Scarlett.

Imagine my surprise when Cam mentions Scarlett was just dumped by her first ‘serious’ boyfriend.

I’m now thirty-two and Scarlett is approaching her mid-twenties. She’s turned into one hell of a woman, and I’m ready to take what should’ve been mine from the get-go.

I put a couple things in my little sister’s head to make this think it was her idea, but in all actuality, it was mine.

All I have to do is be Scarlett’s date for Valentine’s Day. Who wants to sit in their apartment sulking about their ex anyway?

Little does she know just how filthy her valentine will be.

Filthy Valentine is a Dungeon Demons MC prequel that will be available for a limited time on Amazon. The series will be debuting in 2022, so please enjoy the ride.

Sweet Treats

Get ready to hunk(er) down on Valentine’s Day with this collection of sinfully sweet stories. Some of them are so delicious they might just melt your chocolate . . . while others are like a shot of cold ice cream to your system.

No matter what strikes your fancy, you’ll want to grab a cup of hot cocoa and snuggle up with the men of this limited edition anthology.

Featuring a wide variety of stories from April Canavan, Elizabeth Knox, H.J. Marshall, Flora Burgos, C.N. Marie, E.C. Land, K.C. Stone, Jewelz Baxter, Cedar Rose, Charlene Raquel and Claire C. Riley.

No Man Left Behind

A few of the chosen authors are coming together for a veteran anthology where a hundred percent of the proceeds will be donated to charity. So, cozy up on your couch, pull out your kindle, and take a dive into these steamy veteran inspired stories.

While some are just a peek of what’s to come by these amazing authors, others are short stories or novellas.

Venom’s Secret

I’ve been in love with him for years, and one drunk slip up could be our friendships undoing.

Blood & Torment

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