Introducing the darker side of Leave Me Breathless…

When the daylight fades and time stands still. The feeling of flying from just one touch. Moving slowly, kissing softly. The flash of fever, becoming lost in the flames. Surrendering. Going under. These are the moments that leave us breathless!

The Black Rose symbolizes rejuvenation or rebirth, but it can also symbolize death and farewell. This collection of romance books can all be read as stand-alone books and are guaranteed to give you a happily ever after that leaves you breathless! What will it take to tempt you?


  • Master of Control by Sienna Snow
    (Dark Romantic Suspense)
  • The Sound of Silence by Dakota Willink
    (Dark Romantic Suspense)
  • Forbidden Love by Elizabeth Knox
    (Irish Mafia Dark Romance)
  • Crimson Dahlia by Patricia D. Eddy
    (Dark BDSM Romantic Suspense)
  • The Bullet Theory by Sonya Jesus
    (Dark Romantic Suspense)
  • Marked by Cayce Poponea
    (Mafia Romantic Suspense)
  • Dare Dark by Pepper North
    (Dark BDSM Romance)
  • Precious Gems by Sierra Hill
    (Dark Romance)
  • Dark Desires by Jo-Anne Joseph
    (Dark Psychological Romance)
  • Insidious Love by Crimson Syn
    (Dark Romantic Suspense)
  • Mia by Sin Silverfall
    (Dark Romantic Suspense)






The four things all of our characters have in common. They’ll do anything for love, including lying to the person they’re with.

In this anthology you’ll see a wide range of stories written by multiple authors.

Take a dive in to see the lengths they’ll go to keep their happiness aflame.


All proceeds from this anthology will be donated to a charity which is very near and dear to our hearts.

Twenty authors from the Rockin’ Romance Readers Book Signing have come together to bring you a brand new Rockstar stories. Some of these stories are prequels, while others are a sneak peek into the first bit of what to expect from your favorite authors.

Singers, Drummers, Guitarists and more are deep in the pages of this anthology. Take a dive into this bad-boy packed book to find your next book boyfriend!


Bad boys: We love to hate them, but sometimes, we just can’t help but love them.

You’ll get a mixture of genres from the eleven authors that took part in this anthology. Some will have the contemporary pieces you love, while others are packed full of suspense. But then we have the darker stories, the ones that will make you view the world a bit differently.

The question is – do you love a bad boy?

We know you do, take a dive in and meet them.