Introducing the darker side of Leave Me Breathless…

When the daylight fades and time stands still. The feeling of flying from just one touch. Moving slowly, kissing softly. The flash of fever, becoming lost in the flames. Surrendering. Going under. These are the moments that leave us breathless!

The Black Rose symbolizes rejuvenation or rebirth, but it can also symbolize death and farewell. This collection of romance books can all be read as stand-alone books and are guaranteed to give you a happily ever after that leaves you breathless! What will it take to tempt you?


  • Master of Control by Sienna Snow
    (Dark Romantic Suspense)
  • The Sound of Silence by Dakota Willink
    (Dark Romantic Suspense)
  • Forbidden Love by Elizabeth Knox
    (Irish Mafia Dark Romance)
  • Crimson Dahlia by Patricia D. Eddy
    (Dark BDSM Romantic Suspense)
  • The Bullet Theory by Sonya Jesus
    (Dark Romantic Suspense)
  • Marked by Cayce Poponea
    (Mafia Romantic Suspense)
  • Dare Dark by Pepper North
    (Dark BDSM Romance)
  • Precious Gems by Sierra Hill
    (Dark Romance)
  • Dark Desires by Jo-Anne Joseph
    (Dark Psychological Romance)
  • Insidious Love by Crimson Syn
    (Dark Romantic Suspense)
  • Mia by Sin Silverfall
    (Dark Romantic Suspense)






The four things all of our characters have in common. They’ll do anything for love, including lying to the person they’re with.

In this anthology you’ll see a wide range of stories written by multiple authors.

Take a dive in to see the lengths they’ll go to keep their happiness aflame.


All proceeds from this anthology will be donated to a charity which is very near and dear to our hearts.

Twenty authors from the Rockin’ Romance Readers Book Signing have come together to bring you a brand new Rockstar stories. Some of these stories are prequels, while others are a sneak peek into the first bit of what to expect from your favorite authors.

Singers, Drummers, Guitarists and more are deep in the pages of this anthology. Take a dive into this bad-boy packed book to find your next book boyfriend!


Get ready for love and bloodshed as twelve of your favorite dark romance authors take you on a wild ride into the underbelly of mafia romance.

While each story takes place in different cities across the world, one thing remains the same… hearts are going to be pounding and guns are going to be blazing!

Action. Intensity. Suspense. Danger.

None of that matters when you’re fighting for the one you love. The question is this… are these men worthy of your love?

This collection includes stories from Andréa Joy, Alice La Roux, A.C. Williams, Krissy V, Letha Gene, Claire C. Riley, Erin Osborne, Elizabeth Knox, E.C. Land, Courtney Lynn Rose, Nicole Banks and Janine Infante Bosco.


Eleven of your favorite MC authors have collaborated to bring you all new biker stories. Some clubs are known, while others are brand spanking new.

While each story takes place in a seperate club, you can always count on copious amounts of danger, suspense and — most of all– angst.

We all know the common code of MCs. Will these men and women put their brotherhood above all else, or will they sacrifice everything for love?

This collection includes stories from Addison Jane, Erin Osborne, Nia Farrell, Chelle C. Craze, Dani René, Amy Davies, Rae B. Lake, Elizabeth Knox & E.C. Land, Claire Shaw, & Scarlett Black.

Call My BluffEverything is more intense in the city of sin.

In the Call My Bluff anthology you’ll meet a wide array of characters from conwomen, motorcycle club members, high rollers and many more.

Haven’t you ever had the desire to live on the edge?
Have you ever craved a bit of action?
Have you ever wanted your deep forbidden desires to become your reality?

Well, the good news is this is the anthology for you. Call My Bluff has a series of stories from Elizabeth Knox, Flora Burgos, Addison Jane, Sam St. James, KE Osborn, Barbara Nolan, Evan Grace, Courtney Lynn Rose, J. Lynn Lombard, Kathryn Kelly, Rae B. Lake, & H.J. Marshall.

The Twisted Steel Anthology: Second Edition – coming April 2021 

TS_AnthologyPartTwo_eBookCoverThe authors of the Twisted Steel anthology have decided to come back with a second edition. They heard how much you loved it and listened to the readers. But, that’s not all. A few new faces have been added as well.
These USA Today and International Bestsellers have collaborated once again to bring you brand new biker stories that’ve never been published before. A combination of full-length novels and novellas are within the pages of this edition.
A couple of these authors have written about characters in their clubs you already adore, while others are launching a brand new series.
Each story takes place in a separate club, but you can always count on copious amounts of danger, suspense, angst but most of all – chemistry.
We ask you again: will these men and women put everything on the line for their brotherhood, or will they risk it all for love?

This collection includes stories from Kristine Allen, Scarlett Black, April Canavan, Chelle C. Craze & Eli Abbott, Amy Davies, Claire Marta & Nia Farrell, Nicole James, Addison Jane, Elizabeth Knox, E.C. Land, Rae B. Lake, Erin Osborne, Dani Renè, and Claire Shaw.

The Elites: A Dark Society

Elizabeth is co-writing Dex’s Devotion with E.C. Land. This will be Dex’s full-length story within the boxset, featuring the heroine from E.C. Land’s world.

ElitesBehind the ivy-covered walls at Stonewall University, the future of the world is in the hands of a very select few.
The Scorpio Society
Even the name is enough to bring the strongest of men and politicians to their knees.
With billionaire bad boys, students and teachers engaged in illicit affairs, underground fighters struggling to break free, and more complications than you can count, The Elites Series has a little bit of everything.
Read the entire 13-book series from USA Today Bestselling, award-winning, and rising star authors.
Elizabeth Knox & E.C. Land
USA Today Bestselling Author Casey Hagen
Anna Edwards
Kathleen Kelly
Julia Bright
Addison Jane & KE Osborn
Janine Infante Bosco
Sonya Jesus
Courtney Lynn Rose & Lynne Leslie
Iris Sweetwater & Kasandra Scheckles & Paige Clendenin
Charlene Raquel
Jen Grey
USA Today Bestselling Author April Canavan