Reign (Skulls Renegade MC #1)



Being a woman scorned is something I know well – too well if you ask me. I was nothing but a doormat for my fiancé, and after catching another woman in his arms I’ve had enough. I made sacrifice after sacrifice for him and now it’s time to take my life back.

I gave up so much for him, but the one thing I loved more than anything was field work. The FBI gave me purpose when I had none, and getting a fresh assignment was exactly what I needed.

It was my job to bring down these slimy Skulls and their biker gang, but what was in the folder didn’t reflect the men and women who are in the club. They aren’t what the government believes, and I’m dead set on proving that but in the process I find myself doing the one thing I shouldn’t – falling for a mark.

Reed Michaels captivated me in more ways then I could count, but what will happen when my past shows up on his doorstep?

Will I have to protect myself from the monster who ruined my life, or will Reed jump at the opportunity?


The Skulls Renegade are the only thing that I’ve ever known, born and bred into this life, and stumbling into becoming Prez. I didn’t know shit about what I wanted for the future, not after the past had ripped everything from me.

When a Siren walked into my bar, so much changed in that instant. I saw my past filled with pain, and I saw the potential of the future I could have with her. Her presence made moving on worth the gamble.

I have so much planned for Elena and I, but the present has plans of its own as well. Multiple threats come at us from many directions, some we know and some we don’t.

When shit goes down, I can’t help but wonder if Elena is even on my side at all.

My sole objective is to protect my club. I just don’t know if I can protect her.

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Redemption (Skulls Renegade MC #2)



The Skulls are my family, or as close to family as I can get being hundreds of miles away. I never quite fit in, but here I sure as hell always have. The one thing that has never really gone my way is the same thing that many women struggle with – love.

I fell for Kyle, Reed’s brother, the previous Prez of the Skulls Renegade MC, and ended up paying for all of his mistakes. I felt loss like no other, and slowly built myself back up into the woman I once was. Hell, I even took a second chance on love and his name sure as hell isn’t Kyle.


If Kyle thinks he can hurt her again, he’s got another thing coming. I’ll kill him before I let Daisy go through it all again.

I thought everything between her and I was solid, until Kyle decided to show up out of the blue. No one knows about Dais’ and I, and we’ve kept it that way on purpose…but now I want it known more than anything. I want this asshole to know he can’t have what belongs to me. But does she belong to me? I thought I knew the answer, but now I can’t help but question everything we have.

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Revenge (Skulls Renegade MC #3)


Ask any member of the Skulls Renegade motorcycle club and they’d tell you that I’m Jenna Lawrence, club whore. And they’d tell you that because I’ve done a damn good job at convincing them of that fact.

But here’s the thing, Jenna Lawrence doesn’t exist. My real name is Tegan Hill. And my father was killed, murdered, by the Skulls Renegade MC.

Or, more specifically, by Will Michaels, father of Reed and Kyle Michaels, of the Skulls Renegade’s Gainesville Chapter.

I’ve sacrificed so much and worked so hard to infiltrate their world for the sake of getting revenge. I’ve devoted almost nine years—3,168 days; 76,032 hours—to my cause, and I refuse to let it all have been for nothing! He’s bound to show up sometime, and I’ll finally get justice for me and my father when he does. It’s what I’ve devoted my life to, and I’d expect nothing less!

What I didn’t expect, though, was that I would fall in love with a member of the Skulls Renegade. Now I’ve got a choice: conquer my immense hate…

Or my growing love.

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Relentless (Skulls Renegade MC #4)



I’d been hoping for a wonderful life, and the inheritance I’d be getting at 25 was going to be at the root of it. The dream was simple and elegant: invest in a music career, rise to fame, and become history. Literally.

Life, it turned out, didn’t want to be simple.

Come to find out that my father, nothing short of the devil incarnate, was a lot worse (and a lot more busy) than I’d ever thought. As it turned out, I had a half-sister and, also courtesy of my old man, tie-ins to a criminal organization in the form of a motorcycle club operating out of Texas. So, instead of the simple and wonderful life, I found myself thrown full-force into this newfound MC life the moment I stepped into Bubba’s.

Then it was “goodbye” Bellamy Mason—daughter, friend, and singer—and “hello” to the sister-in-law of the Skulls Renegade MC president. And a very big “HELLO” to a target painted squarely on my back!

Though there is a bit of an upside.

An upside by the name of Abe “Butch” Warren.



The resemblance was uncanny. Long, flowing red hair and an apple-like ass that you just want to take a bite out of. Gotta love sisters.

That was the first impression, at least; my first impression of Bellamy Mason.

The next impression, right after my eyes locked onto hers, was that she was mine. And therein lay a pretty big fuckin’ problem—she had purity and innocence. She wasn’t cut out for this lifestyle.

Wrong sides of the tracks and all that jazz. Here we got ol’ Butch rolling with the Skulls Renegades, and way, way over there was Bellamy. I wanted her—I needed her—but she wasn’t the sort of girl you just get your rocks off with and then turn away from; not your average fuck-and-duck. She’s the real deal—the “take home to Momma”-sort—and the once-in-a-lifetime girl you lock down as soon as you got the chance.

And this life—my life—could threaten more than just that innocence.

So what will I sacrifice first: who she was…

Or what I am?

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Reckoning (Skulls Renegade MC #5)


People can be cruel. Everyone who knows me would call me a monster, but they would never acknowledge that I am what my life made me into. Granted, it wasn’t my first choice… or even my last. Admittedly, I was turned into my own worst nightmare.

So, yeah, I’m a monster, but nobody cares to know why. Nobody knows what I had to go through. Because the thing about monsters is this: they’re made by other monsters.

Whether the credit belongs to my mother or my husband, I can’t be sure, but they were what they were…

And I am what I am.

Hated, betrayed, and thrown to the gutter like a piece of garbage, I’m working to mend the tattered remains of my life while trying to protect my family from an encroaching war. My efforts, my travels, bring me to Gainesville, Tennessee, where I hoped to patch up some old relationships…

Only to wind up starting a new one with someone else. Someone like me.

My own personal monster. He’s showing me a world that I never thought possible, a world where a person like me might be happy.

But with a war coming and my life in shambles, happiness is going to take a lot of work.

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Promised (The Clans #1)


Eight years ago, my life was changed forever. My family was slaughtered before my eyes, and then their killer took me as his own personal trophy.

I’d hoped, prayed, for rescue—believing that finding the last remaining Vasile would be a priority—but nobody came. They forgot about me, practically abandoned me to my fate.

And, ever since, that’s been my life.

Years later, I’ve come to accept this as my life; come to accept this hell as all I’d ever know.

And then things got worse…

In one single, shitty day, my daughter was ripped from my arms and I was shot. If it wasn’t for Ion Petran, the man I was promised to all those years ago, I might not have survived.

But saving me wasn’t enough—not after everything that’s happened to me—and Ion’s going to have to work to win me over and be king of the clans.



Mariana was promised to me when I was a child. Since then, she’s been the key to all of my success.

And then, just like that, she vanished.

Years after her disappearance, I’ve finally found her, and I finally have a chance at everything I’ve ever wanted. Eight years—eight long, uncertain years—and I finally found her; finally found the woman who would change my life.

But after everything I’d been hoping for, I wasn’t prepared to wind up with more than I bargained for…

Now that she’s back in my life, I owe her captor a very overdo visit. After all, the day he stole her away from the world he also stole her away from me…

And nobody steals from Ion Petran!

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The Trade

The Trade (The Clans #2)



It’d be an understatement to say that I jumped at the chance to find out who orchestrated the hit on Mariana Petran. To threaten the queen of the clans is an attack against all of us and being tasked with tracking down the son-of-a-bitch is nothing short of an honor.

But when I found him I also found something unexpected, a sweet, sweet cherry on top of the sundae.

But there’s an unexpected tie between the two…

I mean, there I was, delivering a bloody and violent end to the scum that betrayed us, when in walks a feisty redhead by the name of Natasha.



I never expected to find my uncle bloodied and bruised after coming home from a wild night out with the girls. Sobering as that was, the gun held to the back of his head, and the man holding it, was even moreso.

It’s not everyday that you walk in on your boyfriend preparing to kill your uncle.

He never told me that he was in the Romanian Mob, but, to be fair, I never told him that I was the niece of a head clan member…

Or about my father.

Then, in a chaotic twist that would change my life forever, my uncle was killed and I was swept off by the man who I’d foolishly allowed myself to fall for. Now Anton has me; they have me.

But they don’t know whose daughter they’ve taken.

They’re clueless.

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Cherished (1)

Cherished (The Clans #3) with Iris Sweetwater



She was supposed to just be a job; a means to an end, but I can’t help but be attracted to her…
Willow Kim Adame. I was assigned to protect her—“with any means necessary”—and, at first, it seemed like a simple enough job. But she tries to disobey me at ever step, seems outright intent on making not only my job but my life as difficult as possible.
And that’s not even the worst part…
I was never supposed to like her, and I certainly wasn’t supposed to fall for her.
But, here we are.


I never wanted anything to do with my father or his lifestyle, but he had other plans…
When I lost both my mother and my boyfriend, I saw no reason to stick around; I left England as soon as I could.
Running from that life, I put as much distance as I possibly could between myself and all of that. I built a life. It was a simple life, but—dammit!—it was my simple life!
Until the day it stopped being quite so simple…
Until the day the business space next door was rented out by a man who made my knees weak and my mind cloudy with desire.

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Scarred (Demons of Hell MC #1)


I had it all.
Or, at least, that’s what everyone else thought.
Between my husband being the president of the Demons of Hell and his club, I had a “family.”
Except the only thing that made us a family was my husband’s persistent reminders that it was.
But a family doesn’t turn a blind eye to things.
A family doesn’t let one of their own become a punching bag for their mistakes.
For all the pent-up anger and frustration for something that isn’t even my fault.
My “family” was the reason I nearly died.
And when Rage came into my life, he was all I could see.
The only thing that suddenly mattered.
Too bad I didn’t listen to the warnings before I became obsessed.
After all, with a name like Rage, what was I expecting?

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Blackjack (Reapers MC #1)



When you’re married, there are the things you can live with… and the things you can’t.

My abusive husband, Harry? He made those distinctions very clear to me.

Constant beatings, a forced a miscarriage, and then roping me in with my father’s notorious biker gang, The Reapers.

Lucky enough, I got out of my marriage in one piece. For the time being, that is. Though it’s only a matter of time before he picks up on my trail.

Thank God for Blackjack.

He swears he’ll kill my no-good husband the second he steps foot in town. That’s sweet and all, sure, but there’s more to him; something about his stare that I can’t get out of my mind. A part of me is desperate to believe I deserve to be loved, deserve someone like Blackjack in my life. Yet, the bruises from my past tell me to never trust another man again.

But Blackjack isn’t like any other man, is he?


I never expected that I’d have anything or anyone to lose when I enlisted in the army. Then the blonde wild-child of the Montana’s Reapers motorcycle club, Ashley Monroe, showed up and proved that I had a lot more to lose than I thought.

It shouldn’t have been a surprise that by the time I came back home after all these years that she’d up-and-left town and gotten married. Life, after all, continues to move right on along even when you’re not there to watch it go. All the same, I have a two-year-old son to think about now.

And then there’s Ashley. She shows up, beaten and broken from her marriage, and instantly changes everything. I’ve never wanted to kill a man so badly my entire life. Just one look at her and I’m drowning with a desire to take her in my arms and tell her she’ll always be safe with me.

But is there enough strength left in both of us for this second shot at life?

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Tough as Steele NEW

Tough as Steele (Steele Bros #1)


First Rule: Don’t sleep with the man who’s invested in your company.

I broke it before I even knew who he was, but either way I know that he would have gotten under my skin.

What’s not to love about Logan? He’s handsome, a hundred percent alpha, and is resilient in his business. Everything about him is sexy.

I don’t know what this is, or what it will become but I fear the day that my secrets catch up with me. Will we even last when he finds out everything about me?

I’m not the woman I appear to be.

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Stripping a SteeleStripping a Steele (Steele Bros #2)


There were only three things I cared about in my life: women, money, and booze. That is, until I met the Selena Jacobson, a goddess in the flesh if I’ve ever encountered one.

Since I first laid eyes on her, I’ve wanted her desperately. It’s as if she’s flipped a switch on something carnal inside of me and I need her to be mine. Now that I’ve made her mine in every way possible, life has decided to throw us a huge curveball.

With every dark desire inside me come to life, I’ll be damned if anyone takes her away from me.


Christian Steele was nothing but an arrogant prick and one I tried desperately to stay the hell away from.

Tried and failed.

And—damnit to hell!—I was beginning to like a lot of things about Christian that I was terrified to admit.

After losing both my parents, I was forced to become the bread-winner of the house and take responsibility for my life. For the first time in forever, I want to be able to be irresponsible. And Christian is just the man to be it with.

Because of him, I’ve felt ways I’d never thought possible and it’s not just between the sheets.

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Against All Odds

Against All Odds (Co-Writing with Erin Trejo)

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My father shocked not only me, but everyone around him when he announced his retirement. He isn’t just any man – he’s Jorge Vernon and Miami bows down to him. In most cases, his role would pass down to his son, however he doesn’t have any, and that leaves only one heir – me.

He knows how much this city means to me, it fuels my fire and the people here matter to me more than anything.

There’s a catch though, he isn’t just handing me keys to the city. I have to rule alongside one of two men that my father has hand chosen for me. Oh, and they’re brothers.

But what happens when enemies rise from the unknown. When people that you thought you could trust turn out to be the ones you should have feared in the first place?

I thought this would be easy, but it turns out that it may end up getting me killed, and possibly the two men who I’m supposed to pick between.