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She stole everything from me, now it’s my turn.


Ten years ago, I fell in love with a woman. I thought she would be my future, that she’d be my entire life . . . but the only thing she did was ruin it.

I had no idea the woman I fell in love with was one of America’s most notorious conwomen. I knew her as Charli King, but the feds told me it was a fake name. They told me everything about her was fraudulent and I soon found out they were right.

I’ve rebuilt my name and grew my company beyond my wildest dreams. It’s the best time of my life, and my private investigator finally found her. I knew her as Charli King, but I’m about to be introduced to the woman underneath the lies–Lola Wynn.

I’m about to take everything from her, the same way she took everything from me.